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Salary Survey 2018

July 9, 2018

Download the Salary Survey here!

AAMD has completed its 2018 Salary Survey, which includes responses from 222 museums in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and covers more than 50 different staff positions, from the director’s office to leadership and support positions in curatorial, education, advancement, communications, and security departments. Responding institutions include both current and former AAMD members.

This is the 33rd salary survey issued by AAMD, and the second salary survey developed in partnership with Stax Inc., a consulting and analytics firm. AAMD is continuing the process begun last year, making the full salary survey report available for free as a service to the museum field and museum professionals.

Please note that the beginning of the report includes a preface that defines certain key data sources, followed by a page defining key terms used throughout the report. While the response rate of 97% enables this report to be statistically representative of institutions eligible for AAMD membership, one should not assume relevance of the survey data to museums in other disciplines.


For questions about the 2018 Salary Survey, please contact:
Alison Wade, Chief Administrator,

For press inquiries about the  2018 Salary Survey, please contact:
Sascha Freudenheim, PAVE Communications & Consulting,