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AAMD Statement on the Nasher Sculpture Center

New York, NY
February 12, 2013

The Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) expresses concern regarding the 18-month impasse between the Nasher Sculpture Center and Museum Tower in Dallas.

An institution’s collections – whether located inside the museum or installed on an exterior site – are essential to the fulfillment of a museum’s civic and educational mission.  The Association of Art Museum Directors considers the preservation and care of collections to be a paramount responsibility, and believes that museums have an obligation to conserve and protect the heritage they hold in trust for the public.

In establishing the Nasher Sculpture Center, Raymond Nasher gave the citizens of Texas an unparalleled museum in the heart of the Dallas Arts District and committed to making his extraordinary collection accessible to all.  Designed by famed architect Renzo Piano, it is an invaluable educational, cultural and economic resource for the people of Dallas and visitors from around the world.

Under the current situation the sunlight reflected from Museum Tower disrupts the Nasher Sculpture Center’s carefully controlled environment, threatening the collection’s safety.  The reflected light from Museum Tower has detrimentally affected the art works in the garden creating a blinding experience for visitors and necessitating the removal of several pieces including Pablo Picasso’s Nude Man and Woman.  The ongoing exposure to harsh environmental conditions at the Nasher Sculpture Center created by Museum Tower continues to compromise the safety and integrity of the art works, both indoors and outside.

We understand that throughout this process The Nasher Sculpture Center has negotiated in good faith with the developers of Museum Tower and has provided valid suggestions to ameliorate the situation.  Representing 220 art museums in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, AAMD strongly urges all members of the community to continue their efforts to find a solution to this problem before irreparable damage occurs to one of Dallas’ greatest cultural assets.


Christine Anagnos / Alison Wade
Association of Art Museum Directors

Sascha Freudenheim / Elizabeth Chapman
Resnicow Schroeder Associates
212-671-5172 / 212-671-5159