Museums and COVID-19

Aggregating information on closures and cancellations, and how museums can best respond to COVID-19

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Museum education during COVID-19

How can museums and schools continue their relationships during and after COVID-19? Stephanie Downey, director of museum consulting firm RK&A, explores the possibilities.

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Advanced Nazi-Era Provenance Workshop 2019

Advanced Nazi-Era Provenance Workshop in Washington, DC on November 19-20, 2019, co-presented by AAMD and the National Archives and Records Administration, and generously sponsored by The Getty Foundation

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Art Museum Directors

AAMD is proud to join the effort to revoke Trump Admin. order restricting workforce training on equity and diversit…

Art Museum Directors

Art For All, Forever: @SpeedArtMuseum director @StephenReily reflects on the future of the museum

Art Museum Directors

"Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia didn’t want to retreat into its building, closing off free acce…

The Bronx Museum of the Arts RT

Congratulations to our new executive director Klaudio Rodriguez and thank you to @nytimesarts and @HilarieSheets fo…

Dayton Art (at Home) Institute RT

Beginning today (11/13) & continuing through 12/20, DAI will partner with @thefoodbankinc to hold a food drive at t…

Art Museum Directors

@IthakaSR @LiamMerrill @JenKFrederick big thanks to @KressFdn for supporting this research!

Art Museum Directors

New research out today: @IthakaSR Museum Director Survey examines strategy & leadership issues from the perspective…

The Jewish Museum RT

“The everyday objects I collected throughout my travels hold more than their literal weight”—Director of Visitor Ex…

The Westmoreland RT

With honor, respect, and gratitude, we would like to say thank you to all those who have served the country. Thank…

masha turchinsky RT

In honor of the brave #veterans of #Yonkers and throughout #Westchester. They were #WomentotheFore in every sense.…