Kress Provenance Research Fellowship For Museums

The Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) is pleased to announce that in keeping with its on-going professional development programs for researchers, the Kress Foundation has funded the third Kress Provenance Research Fellowship for Museums to benefit researchers in AAMD mid-size museums. 


The fellowship will provide time and funding for a researcher to investigate a permanent collection or part of a collection.


The Kress/AAMD Fellowship will be a year-long program that will include three months with the museum collection to be researched, and nine months in residence in Los Angeles, researching the home museum’s collection under the guidance of a mentor from the Getty Research Institute.


The fellowship will include a $30,000 stipend, which may need to be supplemented by the home museum, and $5,000 travel assistance to cover expenses.  All Kress monies will be administered through AAMD to the successful museum.



The fellowship is open to all active AAMD members with an institutional operating budget of $3 million to $15 million.   Museums that fit the budget category will submit an application that will include detailed information on the works to be researched and the background of a candidate to do provenance research on the collection.


The museum may partner with a local university to identify a post graduate in art history interested in provenance research or choose someone already on staff or an outside researcher. 



* Proposal should include means by which research will be made available to the public.

* All research must be made available to the public.

* Explanation of works to be researched (the body of works to be researched should be of sufficient breadth to fully occupy a researcher for 12 months.)

* Fellow will be asked to give an interim report by June 1, 2017, which AAMD will share with the Kress Foundation.

* Fellow and the museum will be asked to give a final report to AAMD by November 1, 2017.


Required Materials

* Completed museum application form below

* Description of the project, including how research will be made public (2 page limit)

* Curriculum vitae of proposed researcher



* Applications due by MARCH 15, 2017

* Successful candidate notified no later than April 15, 2017

* Applicant accepts fellowship no later than April 30, 2017

* Fellowship begins on or about September 5, 2017


Association of Art Museum Directors

Kress Provenance Research Fellowship For Museums

100 words or less
2 page limit. Please include how the research will be made public.