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Collections Database Administrator

Job Description Summary
Reporting to the Manager of Digital Records, Archives, and Publications and working closely with the IT Department, the Digital Media Center, and the Museum’s Collections Staff, the Collections Database Administrator (DBA) is a key member of the team responsible for providing technical advice and maintaining, troubleshooting, and enhancing the Museum’s collections databases (including the primary EMu system as well as some other legacy platforms). Maintaining data standards and controlled vocabularies in EMu, the DBA ensures the quality of data which is integral to Museum business and feeds public-facing collection resources like the Museum website as well as internal reports. The DBA maintains, implements, and updates policies and procedures for ensuring the security and integrity of the EMu system. The DBA manages and undertakes the technical and procedural responsibilities that ensure the utilization of EMu’s functionality to advance collections information management, imaging, and collections-related tasks.

- Support and maintain the EMu collections database; determines and implements policies and procedures to maintain database standards, efficiency, reliability, and accuracy.
- Maintain and update in-house EMu standards documentation and user’s manual, train new users and provide database and procedural support, respond to user questions and solve problems related to the use of EMu.
- Support collection digitization projects; work closely with the Digital Media Center to support and maintain the Museum’s online collections database.
- Ensure integrity and accuracy of EMu as the primary collection information repository, identifying collections content resources and migrating legacy content into the EMu system.
- Maintain user accounts and system securities; work with museum IT to ensure collections database and multimedia servers are maintained.
- Chair the Museum’s EMu committee (a group of rotating members who are technical support staff and content stakeholders and/or database advocates), organizing agendas and taking and sharing notes.
- Modify existing reports and develop new reports as directed.
- Review and implement EMu new releases and upgrades and implement new EMu modules and applications to benefit Museum procedures.
- Serve as a liaison with Axiell staff and be active in the EMu user community.
- Learn new skills and keep up with emerging technology.
- Other activities as required.

- A Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree preferred) in computer and information systems preferred, or in a related field in combination with 3-5 years of relevant experience.
- Experience working in a museum setting and knowledge of museum operations, policies, and standards. Experience with museum-oriented thesauri preferred.
- Collaborative team member with excellent communication skills, customer service experience, ability to work independently and with colleagues with different skill sets and from different disciplines.
- Self-motivated, open-minded, and a fast learner. Handle multiple tasks and work under stress while providing quality work and meeting deadlines.
- Experience working with EMu required.  Experience working with reporting systems required; knowledge of Crystal Reports preferred.
- Working knowledge of data architectures, metadata standards, imaging, and digital asset management required. Programming experience with php and an understanding of APIs preferred. Experience with Linux/Unix and SQL preferred.

Open to all, the Museum is home to remarkable objects and powerful stories that emerge from its extraordinary expeditions across the world. Discover the cultures of Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Mediterranean, from the very first cities of the Middle East to the kings of ancient Egypt; from prehistoric Mexico to the lives of Native American  communities today. Experience the mystery of the ancient past, gain an understanding of our shared humanity, and find your own place in the arc of human history.

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Salary Range: 
$42,953.00 - $113,435.00

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  • Penn Museum
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Category: Professional
  • Salary Range: $42,953.00 - $113,435.00
  • Posted: July 24, 2019