From the Field

Susan Taylor on the Arts in New Orleans and Beyond

October 23, 2013

New Orleans Museum of Art director and AAMD Vice President Susan Taylor was recently a guest on Voices of the Arts, a series of radio interviews with New Orleans arts leaders. Taylor spoke about the unique cultural scene in New Orleans, the ongoing effect of Hurricane Katrina, and sector-wide issues like what makes a great museum show and whether the internet is an opportunity or a threat to museums. "I think that the nature of the arts in New Orleans is essentially one of celebration and, I would venture to say, interdisciplinarity," Taylor says. "It’s important for a museum like the New Orleans Museum of Art to engage in all those aspects of the arts, including music and dance and theater and film, which are all components of this rich cultural landscape that we have in the city."


You can read or stream the full interview with Susan Taylor at the WWNO website.


Photograph of Susan Taylor by Jeff Johnston. Image courtesy of the New Orleans Museum of Art.