Princeton University Art Museum

The Frances Lange Public Schools Program

Partners: Trenton, New Jersey Public Schools

Educators: Susan Kiley, Teacher, Mott Elementary School; Jenn Savage-Renshall, Teacher, Monument Elementary School

Location: Trenton & Princeton, NJ


Ma'niah Woods, 3rd Grade
Rhythm Landscape, 2014
Chalk, pastel


Shalia Austin, 3rd Grade
Autumn Still Life, 2014
Oil, pastel


Iwalani Arguedas, Eli Avalos, Anayali Salas, Angel Maldonaldo, Lailyn Montufar, Silma Nazario, 3rd Grade
Adinkra Cloth, 2014
Fabric and printing ink, cardboard and cork printing stamps


Each year, third grade classes from Trenton, New Jersey participate in The Frances Lange Public Schools Program, a partnership between the school system and the Princeton University Art Museum. Four participating elementary classes visit the museum eight times throughout the year to learn about the artwork on view in the galleries. In their classrooms, the students keep journals and create their own works of art inspired by their visits. Third grader Zania Concepcion from Mott School recounts her experience at the museum: “I learned that sculpture[s] are 3-dimensional. Some are ancient. I like the Egyptian gallery because I learned about mummies.” The program culminates with an end of year exhibition of the students’ artwork held at the Trenton Board of Education.