The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Saturday Sketching for Teens

Educators: Randolph Williams, Jaqueline Cedar, Pamela Lawton

Location: New York, NY


Yuliya Kosheeva, 10th Grade
Warrior Head Hacha, 2014
White conte pencil and ebony pencil on paper


Amélie Truchot, 9th Grade
Maya Mirror-Bearer, 2014
White conte pencil and pencil on paper


Matthew Czyr, 10th Grade
The Eagle, 2014
Ebony pencil on paper


Leonie Sajdik, 7th Grade
(untitled), 2014
Ebony pencil and black charcoal pencil on paper


During Saturday Sketching for Teens, young artists draw for two hours in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With the guidance of instructors, each session features a challenge that encourages teens to experiment with sketching approaches and materials as they expand their creative toolkit. This emphasis on process, rather than product, is designed to help participants build confidence in their creative voices while empowering them to use the collections as inspiration. Participating teens offer tips and encouragement to each other as they work and when they come together at the end of each program for a group critique. The works on display are from the December 2014 session, which focused on the question: “How might you use line and value to convey volume and form?” Participants combined contour lines and shading to create the illusion of dimension in their drawings. The range of sketches submitted demonstrates the variety of independent choices teens made in response to the creative challenge.