Standards & Practices

Art Museums and the Practice of Deaccessioning

November 1, 2007

Art Museums and the Restitution of Works Stolen by the Nazis

June 1, 2007

Managing the Relationship Between Art Museums and Corporate Sponsors

June 1, 2007

Revenue Generation: An Investment in the Public Service of Art Museums

June 1, 2007

Art Museums, Private Collectors, and the Public Benefit

January 1, 2007

Report of the AAMD Subcommittee on the Acquisition and Stewardship of Sacred Objects

August 9, 2006

Good Governance and Non-Profit Integrity

June 1, 2006

Exhibition Collaborations between American Art Museums and For-Profit Enterprises

March 1, 2006

Report of the AAMD Subcommittee on Incoming Loans of Archaeological Material and Ancient Art

February 26, 2006

Report of the AAMD Task Force on the Acquisition of Archaeological Materials and Ancient Art

June 10, 2004

Art Museums and the International Exchange of Cultural Artifacts

January 31, 2002

Report of the AAMD Task Force on the Spoliation of Art during the Nazi/World War II Era (1933-1945)

June 4, 1998