From the Field

Antiquities Provenance Workshop

AAMD and the AIA are co-sponsoring a research workshop for museum professionals at the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC April 24-25.

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Art museums as "human-centered problem solvers"

Plains Art Museum Director Andy Maus explores why museums are perfectly poised to address entrenched problems in society to create more inclusive, creative, and vibrant communities.

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Puerto Rico’s Museums Bounce Back to Serve their Communities

Following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, two Puerto Rico art museums quickly re-grouped to serve the public, and the island’s cultural heritage.

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Sowing Creativity at the San Jose Museum of Art

November 25, 2013

The San Jose Museum of Art's Sowing Creativity program integrates art and science to teach students about personal health and livable communities.

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Kaywin Feldman on China's Museum Boom

November 18, 2013

Hundreds of new museums and millions of square feet: Minneapolis Institute of Art director Kaywin Feldman reports on China's flourishing museum field.

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Silo-Busting at the Oakland Museum of California

November 7, 2013

Lori Fogarty describes how she worked with her staff to radically restructure the Oakland Museum of California.

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Susan Taylor on the Arts in New Orleans and Beyond

October 23, 2013

New Orleans Museum of Art director and AAMD Vice President Susan Taylor on how the unique cultural scene in New Orleans impacts her work at NOMA, and more.

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Academic Outreach at the University of Michigan Museum of Art

October 15, 2013

The University of Michigan Museum of Art's collections are a tool for more effective learning in University classes from art history to musculoskeletal anatomy.

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Aaron Betsky on Learning to Be a Docent

September 18, 2013

Cincinnati Art Museum Director Aaron Betsky took part in his museum's docent training program.

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